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Luke Weil | Co Founder

Luke Weil is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Andina Acquisition Corporation, a Latin American-focused fund vehicle created in 2011.

Weil engages in a wide range of entrepreneurial, investment and philanthropic activities in addition to his work at Andina. He is a partner in LW Air and serves on the boards of Runa LLC, Interactive Commerce Corp. and tech startup SkuRun.

While his professional life is comprised of Latin American finance as well as angel and impact investing, his philanthropic life is driven by several passions: the Amazon—its people, its biosphere and the potential there for revolutionary medicinal cures; criminal justice reform; and environmental conservation and stewardship. He loves to ski and surf. Health and wellness matter deeply to him.

Weil is an active member of the board of the Fortune Society and is the Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of Rios Nete. Weil has also partnered with The Surfrider Foundation and Concerned Citizens of Montauk to spearhead a grassroots effort for local clean water sustainability and recently formed The Long Island Marine Purification Initiative.