Amazonian Medicine is an ancient medical system at least 3000 years old. It is comprised of a vast knowledge-base on healing human illness utilizing a wide array of medicinal plants native to the unparalleled pharmacopeia of the Amazon jungle; home to tens of thousands of unique and powerful species that have never been scientifically analyzed. Unlike other prominent ancient medical traditions, Amazonian Medicine has never been formalized, documented, or academically studied.


There is immense anecdotal and documented evidence that Amazonian Medicine can be used to treat some of the world's most serious chronic illnesses, especially in the arena of autoimmunity.  In a series of patient retreats, PlantMed has already replicated some of these results in that patients suffering from illnesses deemed incurable by western medicine are now completely symptom free and pronounced in full remission by their doctors.  


We strongly believe that creating a facility where this medicine is practiced and researched has the potential to yield major advancements in the pursuit of cures to the most significant forms of chronic illness, and to augment humanity's understanding of what is possible in the realm of healing.