Our patient trips functioned in a less formal but similar manner to how the treatment process at Rios Nete will unfold.  

A western medical doctor managed the patient intake process — reviewing medical histories & lab work, and performing extensive interviews to determine suitability and eligibility — and performed complimentary western clinical treatments (i.e. blood work and analysis, administering any medications the patients may have been prescribed prior to arrival, etc.).  The MD was also on-call 24/7 for emergencies should the need have arisen.  

A team of traditional Amazonian medical practitioners were carefully selected based upon a proven track-record of curing severe chronic illnesses.  The practitioners diagnosed, prescribed, and administered plant-based treatments to patients.  Treatments included daily consumptions of the plants through oral, topical, vapor, and bath applications, and were supported by daily in-person healing sessions that are the backbone of the Amazonian clinical lineage.  

The trips took place at a retreat-style hotel about 40 minutes from the construction site of Rios Nete.

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