Frequently Asked Questions about the Retreat

Is this retreat covered by health insurance/Medicare?  Unfortunately, this retreat is not covered by health insurance. Alternative methods such as this are not covered.

How many people will you select? We are planning to have a maximum of 10 qualified candidates.

What does qualified mean? For this initial retreat, we are seeking patients who are mobile and independent, with illness that is chronic but stable. Our primary concern is your health and safety while in this remote location.

Will ayahuasca or other hallucinogens be part of the treatment? No. The treatments involve many other plants used by the Amazonian medical practitioners, but they do not feel that hallucinogens are appropriate for patients.

Will a medical doctor be present for the retreat? Dr. Messere will be on-site for the entire retreat.

Are you seeking volunteers for the trip? While we certainly hope in the future to be able to accommodate volunteers, at this time, participants are responsible for the expenses of the retreat.

What will be included in the retreat? All hotel accommodations, food, and purified water will be included, as well as treatments recommended by the Amazonian healers and the medical director.

What if I need emergency medical treatment during the retreat? Dr. Messere is available for minor emergencies and to help with any transfer to higher level medical treatment. We have good relationships with hospitals in both Tarapoto and in Lima. We do, however, recommend that you purchase travel insurance for the trip, to cover any emergencies that require hospitalization or transfer.