Rios Nete April Retreat

We know you've been waiting. Ever since this Huffington Post article came out, you have been reaching out to us.  

And I know, for many of you, you have been waiting impatiently. So, while the completion of the clinic is still a ways off, we heard you. We know how hard it is to wait.

That’s why we will be hosting a 5 week retreat in Peru in April, 2016 at a beautiful Eco lodge near our planned clinic. The actual dates are April 2 through May 8.

Focus on Autoimmune diseases

This initial retreat will focus on autoimmune diseases. These have been seen to respond well to indigenous treatment.

Some of the illnesses that we are considering for this trip include: diabetes, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, and Lyme disease. This is not an inclusive list, and other autoimmune diseases may be considered.

Participants will be evaluated by the medical director to ensure that they are stable and healthy enough to participate in the retreat.

Once in Peru, for each participant, the Amazonian medical practitioner will conduct a holistic assessment of his or her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. The participant will then be given a plant medicine treatment protocol intended to address what the medical practitioner has determined to be the root cause of the particpant's ailment.

What's included

All food and drink will be provided during the retreat, as well as hotel accommodations. As much as possible, food will be locally sourced. All drinking water will be purified.

During the retreat, a doctor will be available to monitor participants closely for any health issues or severe side effects. They will also be recording treatment plans and results during the retreat for later evaluation.

After the retreat, records and results of the treatments will be made available to participants’ health care providers.

how do i apply?

We are no longer taking applications for this retreat. To be informed of future retreats, please go to our contact page

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